Content Marketing in 2014 – What Can we Expect?

16 DEC 2013


content marketing 2013 is coming to a close, in a couple of short weeks we will be bidding it farewell and greeting 2014, but what changes and updates can we reasonably expect in the coming year? In today’s blog I will explore what 2014 may hold for content marketing and which trends that could prove both effective and popular in the coming weeks and months.

Content which encapsulates more than the ...

How to Create a Custom Product Catalog

13 DEC 2013


create online catalogThe festive season is nearly upon us, it’s that time of year; homes around the world will have product catalogs sporadically marked with dog eared pages indicating favorite items and products. The catalog has been a staple in most homes for over a century now. The catalog as we know it first made an appearance in 1872; this was when Montgomery Ward from Illinois, Chicago, mailed the first ...

5 Things to Remember in your Digital Publishing Strategy

12 DEC 2013


publications Digital publishing is something we have become quite accustomed to in recent years whether you realize it or not, digital content surrounds nigh on our every move, every time you use a smartphone, tablet, Kindle or PC to connect to the internet you are digesting digital content. This is no passing fad; this change in communications is here to stay. If anything it is set to evolve even more. ...

Flipboard Raises Another $50 Million Investment

11 DEC 2013


flipboardIn what is becoming a common trend these days, the Palo Alto, California-based Flipboard are the latest online media start-up to announce a major funding injection. The funding which comes in at a cool $50 million is the second such funding received by the online social ‘flip’ magazine in recent months, the previous round of funding being for a similar amount in September of this year. (They ...

From Publisher to Content Provider – How Digital Facilitates the Shift

9 DEC 2013


content publishing These are challenging times for all of us, the economic downturn has left no business unscathed. Belts have been tightened, budgets have been slashed, everyone has felt the pinch to some degree. This is particularly true for the publishing field although the challenges publishers are facing are not solely restricted to the economic plunge, the rise of the internet in particular has presented publishers with a range ...

Funding Boost for Non-Fiction Book App Blinkist

6 DEC 2013


contentThis world of ours is a busy place, the advancements in technology has meant we are always switched on; our downtime is at an all-time low. We are always connected, even when we are on the move connectivity resides in our pockets or handbags. While this is undoubtedly a fantastic resource and one which has made our lives, both in a personal a business sense a lot easier, it has ...

Brand Publishing Tools – The Survivors Guide

5 DEC 2013


branding for publishing What does a brand mean to you? What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you think of your favorite brands? Do you associate certain elements and qualities with the mere glimpse of a logo? Do particular brands evoke a response from within that has been built up over time and has now become second nature? Is this ingrained in the very fibre of ...

Customer Engagement Strategies for your E-Commerce Business

4 DEC 2013


customer engagment The world of communications has changed beyond recognition in recent years, the world as a whole has become an intimately more accessible place due to the advancements in technology and how they enable us to interact. Whilst it is easy to become accustomed to the way we utilize technology and communicate with each other it wasn’t always this simple. In years gone by if a member of your family ...

3D Printing – Tomorrow’s Technology Today?

3 DEC 2013


3d printing Maybe it’s just me but has 3D Printing stealthily crept up on us and in the main gone unnoticed? Ok, it has been around since the 1980’s and started gaining notable traction around 2010 but it seems recently that every time we go online, open a newspaper or tune into our favorite radio station, there is another story concerning 3d printing. The technology has been on the periphery ...

How To Combine your Content & Social Marketing Plans

28 NOV 2013


social marketingThe internet and the capabilities it has endowed us with has infiltrated every corner of our lives. Want to go a walk in the country but you’re worried about the weather? What do you do? You go online and check the weather forecast. Cooking at home and need a recipe? Surf the web for one of the many cook sites and take your pick from recipes. Want to ...

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